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Love in a Carry-On Bag Reviewed by: Missy B. Salick

Smart. Funny. Sexy. Spicy Hot. Those are just a few words to describe Sadeqa Johnson’s new novel, Love in a Carry-on Bag. Grab your beach towel, some wine or a Loveinacarryonbag_bookcovermartini (whatever your guilty pleasure is) and head to the beach with this sexy novel. Love in a Carry-on Bag is short enough to read in one sitting and trust me, you will not want to put it down.

This sizzling page turner follows a long-distance love affair between New York–based PR manager Erica Shaw and her beau, Warren Prince, a successful software developer by day and DC jazz musician by night. Erica and Warren are both fully committed to not only each other but also to their jobs. Warren, raised by a tough army general, is following in his father’s footsteps of being the provider a man should be to his future wife. Erica is independent, strong-willed with a stubborn streak and has a hard time accepting anything from anyone. The couple travel back and forth to see each other every weekend. With five days in between them the lust builds and when they finally see each other, each time is like the first. However, when their 9–5s begin to take them in other directions and the weekends become work related, their relationship takes a turn. The honeymoon phase quickly fades and the pair begin to see each other for what they are. Ultimatums are put on the table. Trust, never an issue before, becomes a problem. Tempers flare and both Erica and Warren begin to question the other’s commitment to the relationship. The perfect relationship begins to become a strain.

Johnson gives you a roller coaster of emotions in this romance thriller. And just when you’re ready to yell some sense into these two stubborn bulls because they won’t be together, in comes Erica’s mother, Gweny, who will add more fire to the already burning flames. Sassy, and witty with a strong need for attention, Gweny makes her presence known in Erica’s life. Some will even say she contributes to Erica’s independent ways, because of her selfish antics. In the end, will love win or will climbing the corporate ladder be the end of their relationship?

Music, romance, undeniable love, and plenty of sexiness—what else could a woman ask for in a book? For a first book, Johnson does a terrific job. I give this book two thumbs-up and recommend it to anyone looking for an old-school jazzy love story.

MissyandSadqaJohnson_LoveinACarryonBagI had the pleasure of interviewing Johnson for vGirl TV and let me start by saying she is such a beautiful and kindhearted person. Her passion for writing shines and you know this is what she was meant to be doing. She is a #creativepreneur for sure. When asked who her hero was, Johnson responded by saying her husband. Well if he is anything like Mr. Warren Prince, then ladies we know why he is her hero and she goes home happy every night. 🙂


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