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“The transition was a blessing. If nothing else it gave me the opportunity as an artist to experience life from those perspectives,” says Antoine Harris. A Queens native who teamed up with Director Seith Mann to film VH1 The Breaks. Harris, who you can also see in episodes of HBO sports drama, Ballers, Starz Power or Eye Candy, plays a “no time for nonsense rapper” named Ahm. The much anticipated movie, The Breaks chronicle the journey of different people who are united through the love of hip-hop, as they work together to pursue their passions. The film takes you back into the 90s where Hip Hop and the music culture in general was popping, street corners were filled with music and nightclubs were still in fashion. Me personally, I’m not a big hip hop head, however, I constantly found myself bopping my head, moving my shoulders and bouncing throughout the entire the movie. This movie is a must see! Be prepared to have #throwback moments and say OMG, WTF and DAMMMMnnn.   AntoineHarris

The Breaks; how was it working alongside DJ Premier, Mack Wilds and the overall movie making experience?

It was an honor and a pleasure working alongside DJ Premier, Mack Wilds and the whole team. When you talk about Premier that there is a legend. So being able to soak up information from him was major to me. Then from a musical standpoint as the character Ahm I got to be in the studio recording with him. This is something Biggie did, Nas did, Jay-Z did and the list goes on. That was a blessing. In the case with Mack, it’s that same attention to detail, work ethic and talent that makes the best who they are. So working with Mack as an actor and being able to learn from him and his experiences and his artistry counts for a lot.  Then you add to that Seith Mann our director. Whose work consistently and clearly speaks for itself. Then combine all of  that with Hip Hop. Unreal.

In this movie you get to marry music and acting, both are you passion. If you had to pick which one is your first love?

I would have to say music is my first love. Sheerly off the time that I was introduced to music. For as long as I can remember my family exposed me to it. As a child I’m sure my parents would play music or sing. I’d bet anything that I was listening to music in the womb. I honestly can’t say I knew back then I wanted to be an actor.

How was the transition to go from a cocky football player in HBO #Ballers to a little-to no words “scare you with his sexy stare” rapper from the streets?

The transition was a blessing. If nothing else it gave me the opportunity as an artist to  experience life from those perspectives. As an actor that’s all I really wanna do is paint the human experience in as many shades as I possibly can.  I feel having such different characters to understand and essentially soaking it up until you can embody it in truth stretches you as an actor. I also feel like that is a quality of a great actor the ones who can play any role. I aspire to be that great actor someday.AntoineHarris_

Originally from the Queens, New York how much has life changed for you since being in Los Angeles?

The main change for me was not being able to see my family all the time. Other than that I was fortunate to have a unit out in LA that really keeps it pretty regular. So no sad or alarming change just weather and different opportunities for work.

What is your advice for an aspiring actor/rapper?

 It will not be easy, so know that and put the work in. Study greats, Pray and keep pushin.

The women want to know: is “Mr. Scary Sexy” single LOL?  

I plead the 5th.

Life after #TheBreaks: What is next for you; any upcoming projects you would like to share?

Next up for me is shooting Vh1’s “The Breaks series”,” Ballers” Season 2 on HBO, some I cant speak to & God willing many more.


What would you tell your 21 year-old self?


I start my day with…

     Prayer, then I Wash my  Face, Then I Brush my Teeth.

If you could invite any woman/man to dinner, who would it be?


Best advice you have received?

       My pops always told me pay now, play later.

Life motto you live by?

       “One can never consent to creep, when one feels an impulse to soar.” -Helen Keller

Watch The Breaks trailer and let us know what you think!

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