Open Letter to All Moms 

Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful mothers out there. Single mothers or mothers with a mate. No matter your relationship status, you rock like no other. Even with help (a dad around), for some reason the weight of parenthood always falls on the mom. Your life is consumed with doctors’ appointments, ensuring your child or children are eating healthy, are on the right track, reading enough books, and so much more. Even when you’re not physically present, you’re there mentally.

I remember a few weekends ago my children’s father arranged a beautiful weekend getaway at the Residence Inn Yonkers for me to have some much-needed R&R and me time. I spent about six hours alone before I desperately wanted my kids with me. I spent more time worrying about them and their being left with a family member (their lovely Nana, who lets them get away with whatever, LOL) than actually having fun. Call me crazy, but the kids eventually ended up at the hotel with me and I had a great time. I guess knowing my kids are comfortable makes me comfortable.

Thank you Moms!

So Moms,

We don’t have money like Beyoncé,

A beauty team like Kim K,

Personal trainers like Tamar Braxton,

Nannies like Kerry Washington (Congrats on your second baby, BTW),

Yet we do the impossible with little to no resources.

We wake up every morning to get the kids ready, go to work, get home in time to make dinner, help with homework, take the kids to activities, be wife (or girlfriend), mother, daughter, friend, only to repeat the routine the next day.

While it may seem like life is an ever-revolving door of responsibilities and selfless acts, we’re raising the next generation. Our role as a mother is more than just changing diapers at 3 a.m. or stopping a bloody nose at 4 p.m. We could be raising the next president of the United States, Steve Jobs, or Bill Gates; whatever your child is destined to be, he or she is going to make an impact on the world, and that’s because of you.

In closing, I say thank you for being a mom. Thank you for taking the responsibility of putting the little ones first, before yourself. Whether you carried and pushed, fostered, adopted, or are taking care of a loved one’s child, you are making a difference. At the end of the day there is no perfect mom. There is just a mom who shares her heart and loves unconditionally. No exceptions! In the end we think we are screwing up half the time anyway.

When life gives you lemons make #Lemonade. Don’t forget that moms are the best superheroes to date; we can always turn the impossible into the possible.

Special note to my L.S.T.M.

Me and my Mom

I love you more than words can express. Your love for me continues to amaze me. The older I become, the more I realize the meaning of your unlimited sacrifices. As a mother myself now, I understand the decisions you were faced with, some painful and some joyful. I thank you for giving me the life that led me to this moment, to being a responsible, independent, and kindhearted individual. Without your choices, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Through the tiring years of adolescence, you played the role of mom and dad. Through it all you kept the strength and faith, and pushed forward. You pushed aside your dreams to focus on mine. Now that time has brought us to where we are, I wish you nothing but success in all your endeavors and know you will succeed far beyond your expectations. You are a survivor, and I love you forever and ever. Each day my love for you grows deeper and deeper.

Thank you for giving me life!


Missy B. Salick

P.S. Not sure what to get the woman who has everything? My mother’s favorite gift to receive that never gets old and she will be getting it again this year, a sparkling mother’s day card from Papryus, they offer a great selection; Godiva chocolate box paired with flowers, who doesn’t love a box of chocolate and a special treat, because well…she deserves it!

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