The Best Way to Spring Clean your Social Media Accounts

Social Media is always changing and evolving into the future. Instagram just changed their logo to a new futuristic, modern look,  Facebook recently launched Live Videos, so we can get news even faster, and LinkedIn launched Pulse, where you can publish original content to reach your network directly. Here we share a few ways you too can enhance your social media engagement and increase your visibility.

Update your pictures

One great way to get more engagement is by having profile pictures that showcase the personality of your brand. Try out new profile picture and see what you like, or better yet ask your audiences what they like! Test out new colors with your logo, highlight a product or service, or share an interactive picture. We love using free on-line tools like Canva or PicMonkey to assist in layouts and sizing.

Clean up who you are following on social media

Keep in mind, that the brands you follow or like are visible to everyone. You don’t want to turn away any new business opportunities by mindless following or liking brands that have nothing to do with you business. It’s important that your following are relevant to your overall brand’s message.Clean up your social following

Additionally, we suggest that every month you go through and unfollow any people who haven’t posted in the past three months. This is a great way to clean up your unfollowers and filter out any potential spam accounts.

Be Consistent with your Social Posts

Make a social media schedule and stick to it! A great tip that we use it so write out a bunch of tweets ahead of time. You can use a third-party scheduling site like Hootsuite or Buffer, which allows you to schedule your posts, so even when your note there, your social media accounts will be active.

Do you want to learn about specific update you can make to your social presence? Connect with us at Virgo Girl Media to learn more about how we can help grow your brand. VGM Formula


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