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My New Year’s Reflection for 2017

Welcome to Chapter One.

A New Year. A New You. New opportunities to come knocking.

The beginning of a whole lotta new!

What do you do at the beginning of the year? Me, I reflect! I think about the previous year, what went right, what went wrong, what could have been done differently, and what I will try to accomplish this year. Hence, the reason for the late post—confession, it was sitting in draft mode far longer than I wanted—but I wanted to try something new this year.

So this year, you will be getting a whole new me. A me, that you haven’t seen before. A me, that shares not only her business life, but a hint of her personal as well. Don’t worry, I still have your back on the how-tos, tips, and guides to building your online community and making you a digital rock star, but I want to also make sure you are mentally healthy as well. But we’ll talk more about that later . . .

Over the Christmas break I took a few days to “reflect,” and I tried to enjoy the simplicity of the holidays.

I ignored social media as much as I could.

I took twenty-minute steam showers (awesome btw, do this immediately).

I said hello more times than good-bye.

I reunited with reading and started Sister Souljah’s A Moment of Silence

I went to bed the same day as I woke up.

I created the outline for my new book, Write Your Dreams 2017.

I created a vision board for the Virgo Girl.

I said hello to myself and the woman I would meet in 2017, the woman who can no longer put today off for tomorrow. The woman who must learn balance and patience or her anxiety will lead to prescription pills. The woman who needs to learn happiness outside of chasing success. The woman who should follow the blueprint she had for many years, but never had the courage to make the footprints (again, a story for another time).

From my week of reflection, I found that my biggest problem is #stayingfocus long-term. I like to see instant results. I am a complete rock star at multitasking and juggling what’s in front of me, but everything that is outta sight is out of mind.

So my biggest goal this year is to focus on the bigger picture. To become the turtle who wins the race. Slow and strategic planning.

What are your 2017 goals? What advice can you share to help others reach their full potential?

Have a kick-ass 2017!

xo, Missy

Missy Bonet is the Virgo Girl Editor-in-Chief and Content Writer. Missy is passionate about empowering creatives to turn their passion into profit and build a community through social media. When she's not writing, she can be found drinking coffee, listening to music, or deeply tuned out enjoying the sounds of soulful music.

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