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Writing Tips that will Expand Your Business (and Inspire You Too!)

There are so many ways you can grow your business. One very important tip to expand your business is through writing. Being a business owner you are required to write, and write A LOT. From writing product descriptions to marketing campaigns, sales presentations to social media posts and emails, you are writing important content that impacts your business.

You have only one chance to impress your audience, and chances are their first impression will be from reading something you wrote about your business, so it’s critical to have your writing error-free.

Here are a few writing tips to expand your business:

Schedule writing time

We can’t stress the importance of planning your week’s schedule in advance. If you are planning a new promotion, schedule some time just for writing content for this promotion. From social media posts to emails and website content, schedule a few hours solely for writing this type of content. Reread it and make any necessary edits. The additional time spent in reviewing your content will ensure it’s cohesive and speaks to your audience.

Hire an editor

Since no one is perfect, getting an outside (and professional) perspective is a must. This will enable you to eliminate errors and ensure your point of view and ideas are clear.

If you are hesitant to hire an editor, you can use Grammarly, which “makes sure everything you type is easy to read, effective, and mistake-free.”

Beat writer’s block

If finding the inspiration to start writing is hard for you, there are a few ways you can get inspired and beat writer’s block.

  • Make an outline of specific things you need to write about, then tackle one at a time.
  • Set your timer for seven minutes and make yourself work till the timer beeps. Once you get over the first seven minutes you will probably want to continue.
  • Clear your mind through meditation. Apps like Headspace make meditation simple. Just ten minutes a day can help you focus on clearing your mind and moving toward your goals.


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