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4 African American Self-publishing Companies to Keep on Your Radar  

If you’re a first-time author who wants to self-publish, you may have many questions and not be sure what your next move is.

Many authors turn to self-publishing to get their books to market. With the ease of being able to publish your book in a digital format and the ability to promote it on social media, self-publishing is a popular option and prosper option.

Here we highlight four African American self-publishing companies to keep on your radar.

1. Black Classic Press

Black Classic Press is devoted to publishing significant works by and about people of African descent. They specialize in republishing works that are out of print to help share “Black experiences” and understanding of the world.

2. Urban Ebooks

Urban EBooks or is founded by award-winning entrepreneur Dante Lee. Their goal is to publish affordable and powerful “urban ebooks”—that is, ebooks that empower African Americans and minorities.

3. Smiley Books

Founded by media pioneer Tavis Smiley in 2004 as a co-publishing venture with Hay House Inc. They specialize in publishing quality nonfiction, ranging from established authors to new voices.

4. Life Changing Books

Life Changing Books, LCB, offers a variety of African American literature including contemporary fiction, women’s fiction, urban and street literature. Azarel, the founder/CEO, launched the company with her own self-published book.


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