A Conversation with Deborah Franklin of the New Web Series The Tea™

The Tea ™ is an exciting new literary web-series, with three different women and their individual personalities front and center, that delivers a variety of perspectives on literature, and the vastly different interpretations that come with the reviews. The refreshingly real show features an excellent inter-generational cast, welcoming their personal opinions while informing the everyday reader. They highlight the importance of having fun and respecting one another, interacting in a positive and unified manner while enjoying the discussion of the latest literature.

And if that wasn’t thrilling enough for all you avid book fans out there, self-published authors can benefit now too! The show is designing a specific platform for self-published authors, allowing them to also take advantage of the reviews that the show provides to readers and writers along a broad spectrum. This will launch sometime in 2017 via The Tea Facebook page

The Virgo Girl was lucky enough to sit down with Deborah Franklin, one of the show’s featured cast members, who provided even more insight on what the show has in store for its audience. The warm and insightful co-host reaffirmed the show’s purpose by explaining what they seek to achieve with this series. Ms. Franklin answered some pertinent questions about the outlet, and what they have in store for us with the show.

How would you describe The Tea and what can the audience expect?

Girlfriends sitting around and discussing books. One can expect honesty, laughter, and respect.

What is your opinion on the rise of e-books and the decline of print books?

I understand it, but I still like to turn the pages, take notes, and bend the corners of my books.

What type of books will The Tea review? Will self-published authors have the opportunity to submit their books for review? 

We will review all types of books, and we are in the process of establishing a platform for self-published authors.

Different generations of ladies, three women with three  different personalities plus a guest how are disagreements handled?

We discuss them. We respect each other’s differences and viewpoints.

Tell-all moment: What are the different personalities of the cast: who’s the shy one, quiet one, the out-of-the-box crazy one, the try-anything one, the opinionated one, etc.? (chuckles)

Shy, Quiet: Cherie, Out of the Box: myself and Try anything: Lian.

Share the book selection process with us: Do each of you take a turn choosing your favorites from a “pool of books”?

No, the selection process is currently handled by our producers.

How do you find the time to read with the obligations of day-to-day tasks?

It’s all about putting yourself on a schedule and following it.

It looks like you all really get along. Have you known each other for a long time?

No we haven’t, but we talk often and we plan get-togethers.

How do you prepare for a show?

After reading the book, I make notes and then we take some time to chat with each other on general topics. We do this so what we record can be fresh.

How do you all empower women of color?

The viewers get to see women from various walks of life having a real conversation without drama.

What are some tips you would give writers hoping for great reviews?

Let your story tell itself. Let your characters come to life, be believable and entertaining.

Who are some of your favorite authors to read?

Dan Brown, Terry McMillan, Zane, TD Jakes.

The cast discussed Terry McMillan’s I Almost Forgot About You at the Harlem Book Fair; tell us about this experience being not only in front of a live audience but at the legendary book fair?

This opportunity was amazing! To meet the fans and have the ability to tape in front of a live audience was mind blowing. The entire day was magnificent.

How can authors/publishers get involved in working with The Tea?

Contact our show producers at

What’s next for The Tea as we glide into 2017?

Stay tuned and subscribe to The Tea on YouTube and like us Facebook.



 What would you tell your 21-year-old self? 

Dear Self, you will not believe where life is going to take you. Strive for the best and most of all trust your instincts. Stop second-guessing yourself. You are a strong woman who is gifted and favored. You will meet some interesting people and go to some interesting places. But most of all stay true to yourself and embrace your differences.

I start my day with . . .

Prayer and a positive affirmation.

If you could invite any woman to dinner, who would it be?

Zora Neale Hurston

Best advice you have received?

To trust myself in all I do and not to conform to others’ expectations.

Life motto you live by?

Live Life, Love More, and Laugh Often.

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