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10 Ways to Calm Your Anxious Mind

As a writer and active blogger your mind is constantly on overdrive with words, thoughts, ideas, concepts, new ways to make revenue, and your never-ending to-do lists.

Too many thoughts can overwhelm you, making it difficult to make decisions and take action to deal with whatever issue bothers you, says Psychology Today.

If you’re like me with an overactive mind, a high level of stress, and constantly jumping from thought to thought, this post is for you.

Here are ten easy and free ways to calm your overworked and overactive mind:


Accept ownership of the part you play or have played in something that may or may not be going your way. Whether you are in a negative space or a toxic relationship, own your part and know when to walk away.


Keep moving: it’s the easiest way to practice avoidance. Run away from your problems and things you don’t want to deal with—I’ll deal with that later, you say. Nope, time to stop running. The problems will never go away, they will show up in other areas and you will lash out for no reason and not understand why you’re arguing over coffee or crying because the mail was late.

Be Still

Stop. Just stop. No seriously, stop. Whatever you are doing, stop! Take a day for yourself. Learn yourself again. Say “no” more times than “yes.” Take yourself on a date; enjoy the little things you used to enjoy as a child. Ice-cream, walks in the park, or simply lie in bed and count sheep. Do what needs to be done to calm your mind and body.

Listen, then React

Communication is a two-way street. However, we can sometimes jump to conclusions or react without even listening fully to what’s in front of us. Listen to the full situation at hand first and then react appropriately.

Be Present

Have you been in a conversation and saw the other person’s lips moving, but your mind was wandering to other things? I have to pick up the laundry, pack lunches, write a blog post, check my work e-mails, schedule my Twitter posts, iron clothes, gosh, what did he/she say; let me tune in to pull out keywords to act like I’m listening . . . Oh wait, sh**t, I forgot to send that e-mail before I left work today . . .

As hard as it may be to turn off those thoughts, turn them off. This thing called life—well we only get one, no turning back. That moment of you listening to a friend, family member, or whoever, you won’t get back. Enjoy the time spent with others. Show up, not only physically but mentally.

Notice the Warning Signs

Get to know your breaking point and what makes you tick. When you reach that level, walk away, call a friend, go outside to yell, take a boxing class, do yoga. Anger is your second emotion, so find out what, whom, or what thought or feeling is causing you to get upset.

Speak Up

Not only do you need to stand up for yourself, but you also need to speak up and say what you feel. Do not suppress your feelings and emotions. Again, this will come out in other ways. Have those uncomfortable talks whether in your business or personal relationships.

Get Healthy

Getting healthy doesn’t mean going on a strict diet, working out rigorously, and avoiding all the foods you love. However, healthy body=healthy mind. Lots of carbs and high sugar can not only increase your anxiety levels, but can also leave you feeling tired and sluggish, making it even more difficult to concentrate throughout the day. Start light, by taking walks around the block, choose the stairs over the elevator, stand up instead of sitting all day. Take baby steps.


Escape into another world that isn’t yours by reading. There is no better time than when you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed to read a good book. Find the time to do it, no excuses! Target offers a great selection of books for calming your mind. To make it even better, pick up some candles, bubble bath, and wineglasses to create an even more tranquilizing mood.


Focus your attention on someone/something other than yourself. Find a cause. Volunteer. Mentor.

We live in a society where it is very easy to be selfish and consumed by our wants and needs. We lose ourselves in providing for our family, focusing on our careers, goals, and reaching for the stars, however impossible they may be. When all your time and energy is consumed by a race against time, you forget how lucky and fortunate you are to have what you have, even if they are the basics: food, water, job, bank account, family, etc. Never forget that what you consider misfortunes could be another person’s dreams.

Missy Bonet is the Virgo Girl Editor-in-Chief and Content Writer. Missy is passionate about empowering creatives to turn their passion into profit and build a community through social media. When she's not writing, she can be found drinking coffee, listening to music, or deeply tuned out enjoying the sounds of soulful music.

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