4 Guidelines on How to Brand Yourself Online

Branding yourself online is a way to define what your business is. It’s important that you have consistent and direct between yourself and your team, and you and your customers. The overall goal of branding is to differentiate yourself, or the product, from others in order to meet your objectives.

The journey of branding yourself online can be easily overlooked, but we can’t stress enough how important it is to take the time to do your research and strategize before making drastic changes to your business. To avoid mishaps, follow our four guidelines on how to brand yourself online.

1. Determine your brand’s mission

Your mission should be simple, direct, and reflect your brand’s personality and offerings.

For example, at The Virgo Girl, our mission is to “Empower bloggers and authors to build a network through social media.”

2. Define your brand’s personas

Who is your brand’s target audience? What do they like or dislike? You should categorize your audience into a few personas and build great content around these.

3. Keep visuals similar

Social media is so visual that people can look at a picture and easily identify what brand it belongs to. You should keep your visuals similar, by using the same colors, font, picture style and layouts.

4. Redefine your services

Do your services reflect your brand’s personas? You should always be tweaking your services as your brand grows, but always make sure that these services cater to your brand’s audience.

How to Brand Yourself Online


Rachel Salvato is The Virgo Girl Content Manager. She has written on topics ranging from digital marketing tips, inbound marketing, shopping and wellness. Rachel is passionate about helping business improve their SEO and overall marketing strategies.

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