What You Need to Know About Creating a Viral Campaign on Social Media

Creating a campaign that “goes viral” is every marketer’s dream. What is the secret sauce of a viral campaign? To be honest, it’s quite complicated and unpredictable.

One of the most effective viral campaigns was the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. In just under a month, the act of people dumping buckets of ice water on their heads made ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) a household name and raised over $100 million for research for a cure.

The campaign’s success hinged on tapping into our emotions, got people involved, and had a visual center.

Another type of viral campaign is the one that isn’t planned. These can be pictures (remember the white and gold or blue and black dress?) or based on the actions of people in the media.

How to create a viral campaign

Here are our quick tips on how to create a viral campaign:

  1. Keep the campaign simple.
  2. Make it as interactive as possible.
  3. Don’t force it! Never stop creating content, because the next one might be the one to “go viral.”

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