Shekinah Jo Beat Up, Please Pray for Her

Reality star Shekinah Jo Anderson, recently was a victim of domestic violence. Anderson posted a disturbing image to Instagram asking for prayers, “as this man just beat me up soooo bad please pray for me”.  Anderson with an Instagram following of over 2 million, has since made her page private. She was very upset at the backlash received from people’s opinions criticizing her for posting the photo.  Anderson actually called the police prior to posting the picture, however, Atlanta police took over an hour to reach her. Scared with a black eye and her ex- sitting in the driveway, she did what she thought she needed to for help.

Anderson best known for being Tameka “Tiny” Harris’s best friend/hair stylist came into the public eyes by being an entertaining addition to the reality show, T.I. and Tiny: The Family HustleSince leaving the show, Anderson has found a path of her own creating the famous I Work Hard Bitch t-shirt, Shekinah Jo Beautiful Edges, plus much more, along with still slaying the hair.

Anderson’s boyfriend, an unidentified male at the time currently has a warrant out for his arrest. Despite anything a woman does “no woman deserves a man to put his hands on her”; says Anderson in an interview with Atlanta’s V-103’s Ryan Cameron.

Listen to the full audio here with Straight from the A.

As a victim of domestic violence myself, my prayers are with Anderson and I hope she finds peace over the next few months which will be the toughest. Dealing with an incident of this nature privately is horrific, I can only imagine the effects of living out your personal affairs publicly.

One #GirlBoss to another we wish Shekinah Jo a swift recovery.

Peace. Love. Blessings. 

xoxo – the Virgo Girl 

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