The Entrepreneur Within You (TEW4) Book Review

A book review by Nicole S. Aviles

The Entrepreneur Within You (TEW 4) by Julie M. Holloway and 40 Contributors

TEW 4 is an inspiring self-help book comprised of reflections written by business owners who chose a creative career over a corporate or social one, and are now telling their stories in the hope of inspiring others to do the same.

Written by sixteen individuals as well as the editor and our editor-in-chief Missy B. Salick, this collection tells different stories and gives tips on which elements created the successful dynamics of each person’s business/endeavor. Primarily discussing the will to have a creative career over a corporate one, we discover how many of these folks always knew they had an artistic soul but were constantly battling with having to hold down a job, bring in a good income, as well as be a social success, and felt burdened by being a “creative” who couldn’t create because they were too busy with their day jobs.

The book definitely opens your eyes to new possibilities, reinforcing my belief that we should always pursue something we are passionate about. If you pursue something you are serious about, that you truly love, it becomes an art no matter what it may be. Having so many people willing to share insight on what they did to create the life they’ve always wanted—particularly with work—is incredibly uplifting and inspiring.

Touching on how-to tips for starting a small business, how to market, use social media, optimize your digital endeavors, utilize new-age methods, and more, the book is chock-full of information in addition to being motivational. For anybody looking to branch out and create, this is a must-read and an excellent portrayal of the trials, tribulations, successes, and happiness of those who have already done so.

TEW 4 will be release June 2017.


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