How to Keep up with Social Media Trends

Social media trends change every day. With new updates, new services, and new iterations, it can really be a challenge to keep your audience’s engagement up.

If you’re a small business you may not think it’s even that important to keep up with your social media. But trust me, it’s the first place most of us go on our downtime, or to research a business or product. It has also become a main source of news for some.

If you are looking to grow your business’ bottom line, you must grow your social audience. Here are some practical and simple ideas on how to keep up with social media trends.

Check out the competition

By working with several niche small businesses, one thing I have learned is to explore. Check out what larger companies are doing, but keep in mind these companies have several employees working on their social media.

Network in your PJs on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is my secret weapon. I have gotten countless leads from it. Keep your LinkedIn profile up-to-date and at an all-star level. A simple task like getting head shots taken will boost your visibility on the Internet. You can also get some serious, and effortless, networking done just by pitching to people who interest you.

Listening to podcasts

It’s a fun and different way to learn about your topic more in depth. A few of my favorites are Stuff You Should Know, The Science Behind Social Media, and the Social Media Examiner.

Make lists on Twitter of influences in your industry

Example: If you are targeting Book Bloggers, you can make a list of “Book Bloggers”. Then you can go to that list directly and engage with those specific people. Having organized lists on your Twitter will help you engage more effectively.

Create a stream on Twitter with popular and relevant hashtags

This is a great way to get leads on new people interested in what you’re offering. Try not to use general terms because there will be an overwhelming amount of results. We suggest to try terms very targeted. The website can help you find relative ones to you.


Rachel Salvato is The Virgo Girl Content Manager. She has written on topics ranging from digital marketing tips, inbound marketing, shopping and wellness. Rachel is passionate about helping business improve their SEO and overall marketing strategies.

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