5 Ways to Date Yourself Without the Scrutiny 

Recently I wrote an article entitled “Being Single in a Coupled World” and decided to share some amazing dating places you can take yourself. Sometimes it can be awkward taking yourself out. Especially if you’re used to being out with someone, even if it’s your bestie. No one wants to sit at home alone and then go out by themselves and deal with all the blah moments and eye glares. Wherever you are, these places are sure to provide you with some alone time without scrutiny.

Take a beach day

Beaches are great places to hang. They often provide a sense of peace, renewal, clarity, and time to just sit and be. You can read, write, listen to music, swim, etc. The goal is to discover yourself and what you may really like to do solo so that when a mate comes along you can share these moments.

Take a stroll through the park

I love, love, love parks because they are so full of nature. Sometimes, you really do have to stop and smell the roses. Walking in the park on a cool day can provide you with a sense of balance! It’ll help you work out unresolved mental issues or dilemmas that then won’t be dilemmas anymore! It is an open and fun area. Sometimes observance is the most enjoyable thing.

Feeling hungry?

Find yourself a nice café or pastry shop! These are great for solo moments. Why? They are small and intimate and no one is really concerned about you! At a restaurant, attention is drawn by nature. The servers are there, you may see someone you know, or you may feel really weird sitting at a large table alone. Honestly, finding a café or coffee shop will help with that. You will see what it’s like to be free. Remember, we have to learn to be alone before opening the door and inviting someone else in.

Visit a local museum or art gallery

These are magical places for the soul. These places allow you to really engage with culture and discover you inner passion. Who knows how creative or inspired you may be when you leave. The beauty in these places is the idea of observing art and allowing the piece to speak to you! Even if you’ve never been to one before, it’s a functional, non-distracting place. I believe you’ll really begin to value yourself and your time when you go to one.

Go to the movies

Treat yourself to the romance or comedy that you’ve been thinking about! Going to the movies is a classic and something everyone should do at least once or twice every few months. A lot of our issues stem from the inability to enjoy our own company. Being in couple places alone helps you get over those feelings of inadequacy or lack of security! Being in a movie makes you comfy with yourself. Try it.

To you these things may seem trivial and really weird, but dating yourself is one of the best things you can do. If none of these work, try a pottery shop, home stores, and trails, hiking, or going for a good swim. Alone time is a must. You would rather do these things while you’re single and have no one to argue with. These moments and memories will help you discover you and you’ll be thankful you did later! You can’t teach someone how to love or date you when you don’t know how to! This is how you discover who you are, what you like, and how you want to be treated.

Kyla D. Pruitt is the CEO and founder of KylaNicole, LLC (born and raised in Joliet, Illinois). Kyla developed a passion for empowerment at an early age, dedicating her time and works to inspire, coach and invest in the minds and hearts of both men and women though the KylaNicole Brand and specializes in overcoming Trauma. In stimulating development, self-awareness, and true authenticity, Kyla has accomplished her goals by engaging in and hosting a series of events including “Loud Discussions” panels which feature open discussions of a variety of life themes, helpful tools and concepts from her self-help book titled “15 Ways To Improve Your Reality and from hosting the radio segment “’A VERY Loud Discussion’ “on 216 The Beat Atlanta. By redefining, reshaping, and redirecting mindsets Kyla aim to be a national asset, helping countless individuals overcome and strive in challenging hurdles within the journey of life.

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