Bucket List: Amalfi Coast

This is the trip that started it all in terms of travel for me. I have always had a love affair with pasta and Italian fashion. I didn’t get to see everything I wanted to in Italy, so this is one country I can’t wait to return to.

The Amalfi Coast in Italy is one of the most breathtaking places I have ever been to. Many celebrities, such as Madonna, Beyoncé, Lauren Conrad, and Mark Zuckerberg, have frequented the cost on lavish vacations.

Here I share a few tips that I picked up in my travels on the Amalfi Coast.

Where to Stay

Amalfi is a large tourist-centric area in Italy. Located just a five-minute walk away is the smaller, lesser touristy town of Atrani. There is a newly constructed tunnel that leads directly to Amalfi’s center. There we were able to catch a bus or boat to any destination.

What to Do

Two words: day trip. We stayed in Atrani for five days. Each day we ventured off on a day trip.

Just a short boat ride away finds you on Capri, a beautiful little island full of life. Take a swim in the Blue Grotto, or talk a chair lift to the top of Mount Solaro for breathless views.

Or take a windy bus ride up the hill to Ravello. This little town has cute shops, churches, and places to eat. It is also home to the most breathtaking view I have ever witnessed, the Terrace of Infinity.

Pompeii is a bit of a longer trip, but you can take the train to this widely known archaeological site. Once a bustling city in 79 AD, the eruption of Mount Vesuvius destroyed it. Now the preserved city dwellers of the past are present. It is a remarkable piece of history to discover.

What to Eat

Amalfi Coast in ItalyHonestly, you can’t go wrong with the food in Italy. The flavors and freshness is like no other. I have been obsessed with pasta my entire life. I ate it everyday I was in Italy. Each day was a new experience. Any true restaurant makes their own pasta daily, uses the freshest tomatoes, and tops each dish with fresh herbs. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Seafood is also a specialty on the Amalfi Coast and caught daily by local fisherman.

What to Drink

Of course, you can’t leave Italy without having a few carafes of wine. I thought I would get handed a detailed wine list, but instead it was just red or white wine, glass or carafe.

Limoncello is a favorite drink. In some restaurants, limoncello is served on tap!


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