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Travel Influencer Lo Millie Uses Travel to Inspire Young People to Live Their Best Life

Lauren Miller has never really fit in. Even as a precocious five year-old taking solo plane rides, she had her sights set on bigger and better. One of her favorite childhood memories consists of chats about international travel and postcards she’d receive courtesy of her father while on business. It makes sense that twenty-five years later, she’d be taking flights for business of her own. Lucky for her, it doesn’t feel like work.

How to Live Their Best Life

In 2012, a few years after Lauren graduated from Howard University, she was working as a successful marketing and events manager for a well-known company. From the outside looking in, she had everything a girl could ask for, but on the inside, she was yearning for more-something different. After quitting her job, and making herself at home on her friend’s couch in L.A., she realized what she needed to do-that’s when CAN’T STAY PUT was born.

While CSP is a travel based brand, the goal is to encourage millennials to actively pursue their dreams & live in their purpose based on their own personal desires and interests. CSP encourages people to do four things:  Being committed to being a life-long learner, being intentional about seeing the world & being a global citizen, constantly working to become the best version of yourself, and being unapologetically confident in who you are.

Lauren realized that who she was pretending to be wasn’t really who she was. When she quit her job, she was at her breaking point. “I knew I wasn’t living or walking in my purpose,” says Lauren. “I wasn’t doing what God put me on earth to do, and I was just at a point where I was very frustrated just trying to figure it out. I went to a networking event in L.A., and met a guy who I shared my vision with. He told me to do it. That’s all I needed.”

That kind of go getter attitude is what has helped drive CAN’T STAY PUT’s mission thus far. Go. Do. Be. is the motto Lauren’s chosen for her brand, and for good reason. Propelling her forward day in and day out, CSP is the reason why she no longer minds late nights and early mornings. “My dad always used to tell me that there are two working days after Friday, and two working days before Monday.” That ethos is what fuels Lo to work as hard she can to build her brand. She hasn’t done a bad job so far by the way, garnering attention from major brands such as Mazda, Reebok, and Organic Root Stimulator, all while building an impressive following online.

Lo has been able to effectively harness her social media popularity to create a profit. While Lo is in the business of inspiring people via the web, she is also a respected thought leader who loves to engage her audience off line. Offering consultations, brand management, and taking on speaking engagements, Lo is no longer “working,” but making her passion work for her. The launch of Lo’s three part event series “No Flight Necessary,” is the next chapter in Lo’s fateful journey. It’s her revelation and reintroduction to the world. It’s her saying, “I figured it out.” Her plan is to use her platform to continue to spread the CSP mission, while inviting brands, companies, and influencers to become a part of the CAN’T STAY PUT experience through partnership and collaboration. She’s uncovering unknown treasures here and abroad, and being intentional about helping people along the way.

“My goal is to bring authenticity back to travel. I think social media has blurred the lines a bit. I want people to be empowered, and informed. I realize that I’ve had opportunities that other people may not have, and if I can share my experiences to teach others, inspire others, to connect with others, then I’ve accomplished what I’ve set out to do.”

Where can you find Lo online?

IG: @cantstayput_


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Since CSP's inception in 2013, Lo has been curating her experiences around the world building the CAN’T STAY PUT platform. The last two years also served as research and development in an effort to figure out how to leverage her platform to continue to inspire people for a living. She’s a “Hope Dealer.” Lo has travelled over 40 countries, including: India, Iceland, Cambodia, Cuba, and Brazil, while paving the way for platforms such as Travel Noire, with whom she has closely worked with. This work attracted the attention of big name brands such as Toyota, Reebok, Mazda, EOS, Organic Root Stimulator, and more. Her story’s been featured in a number of publications, including Blavity, XONecole, Huffington Post, Ebony, and many others. In addition to her ability to garner attention from major brands, Lo has become a much sought after speaker. She’s graced panels at GA Tech, SXSW, and General Assembly (GA & DC) to name a few. Lauren has built a loyal and engaged following from the ground up, with more than 25K IG followers and earning close to a million impressions during CSP Experiences. She’s developed relationships with people all over the world, and is determined to bring the authenticity back to travelling. Years ago, Lauren, who is a pioneer of the Black travel movement, was tapped to lend her expertise to Zim the founder of Travel Noire, helping to launch the first Travel Noire experience, in Brazil. Lo went on to produce content for Travel Noire, filming promo videos in South Africa, and beyond.

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