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Ask the Virgo Girl: I have high anxiety because I’m over 50 and don’t know how to use social media for my business

Dear the Virgo Girl,

by Dr. Walter Hidalgo | Advice on Life and Wellness while living in a Social Media Driven World

Q: I am over fifty and have to use social media for my business but I often get high anxiety over it because I don’t know how to keep up with the trends or manage the pages effectively, what should I do to keep from being overwhelmed? 

A: This is interesting to me because this is where the teacher is no longer the teacher, but the student.  I suggest two things.

A) Partner up with a young person (family, friend, etc.) and get pointers/lessons from them.  You’d be surprised how knowledgeable our young people are (not to mention they are willing to help!).

B) YouTube is a great (FREE) resource that has tons of tutorials that can help you with your social media needs and beyond.  All in all, the most important thing that I want you to take from this is not to feel overwhelmed.  That is to say, just because the internet/social media is fast paced does not mean you have to be.  Learn the process and steps that are necessary before you “ride the internet wave.”




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