Why Finding the Right Business Partner Does Matter in Your Relationship

Yes, finding the right love mate who can also be your business partner does matter before you say the I dos.

As creativepreneurs, our future is uncertain, we generally don’t have a backup plan or savings or a 401K. Therefore, dating us, yet alone marrying us, is a serious commitment. Don’t believe me, check out our blog “12 Things to Know before Dating a Creative Entrepreneur, Because They’ll Probably Be Complicated as F***.”

This year alone I had more ideas than fingers. I’ve tried to launch some and some were just put in thatpile—you know, the pile of ideas! I’m soon to start a full-time position to help me finance those many ideas.

Now if I had a boyfriend or husband, at this particular time he would be ready to kill me. Life with a creative is uncertain and unexpected, especially when it comes to financial matters. One of the biggest arguments my ex and I had was over finances, but that’s a whole other blog post.

Find someone who is not only supportive but offers a balance to your insanity. I remember being with my ex and outside the finance arguments (his balance was that he was the money guy), we had a blast. He was a business creative who allowed for late brunches in the city, staycations during the week, and random acts of spontaneity.

Find a Spouse Who’s a Business Partner—Here’s why

  • He will understand your creativity
  • He will understand that your financials can be tricky
  • He will get you, when the world seems against you, and
  • He will boost your self-esteem

If you’re lucky he can also boost your bank account.

Rapper Cardi B and Offset from the group Migos recently got engaged. As the music couple plan their wedding, the power deals are sure to follow. Jay-Z and Beyoncé, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, A Rod and J Lo—when you’re with someone who gets you and what you do, there is nothing between you but space and opportunity.

Missy Bonet is the Virgo Girl Editor-in-Chief and Content Writer. Missy is passionate about empowering creatives to turn their passion into profit and build a community through social media. When she's not writing, she can be found drinking coffee, listening to music, or deeply tuned out enjoying the sounds of soulful music.

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