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Ask the Virgo Girl: I’m Socially Awkward, where can I find friends offline?

We are so excited to partner with Dr. Walter Hidalgo with a goal of being more socially aware. Here, he answers your questions and shares advice on life and wellness while living in a social media driven world. 


I am a very shy person, and have used the internet as my shield but I really would like to start networking in person to find not only a potential relationship, but friendships and more people like myself. Where should I start considering I’m completely socially awkward?

Advice from Dr. Walter Hidalgo: Being shy is something we all have confronted at some point in our lives.  Whether it is at an interview, presenting in front of a class, a talent show, etc.  What I recommend you to do is start small and work yourself up.  First, consider practicing in the mirror.  Then, consider practicing with family and friends (I would go a step further and record yourself talking, so you can see how you interact with others).  Next, consider joining an online chat group, which allows you to be more comfortable in your own home while networking with others.  Eventually, you can work yourself up and attend networking events beginning with small ones and work yourself up to bigger groups.  Begin by joining groups that evolve around things that you like to do (sports, music, art, etc.).  I also recommend that you practice on your elevator pitch, your introduction, etc. (for business purposes), so that over time it becomes natural to you (it is also a great way to break the ice with a potential life partner).

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Dr. Walter Hidalgo is an educator and spiritual life coach. He has a masters of arts in Church History and Sociology from Union Theological Seminary at Columbia University and a doctorate of ministry from New York Theological Seminary where his focus was on the intersectionality between Hip-hop culture and socio-spiritual movements. He has taught in universities, high schools, prisons, not-for-profit organizations and faith-based institutions from all over the world. He is also the author of the critically acclaimed book, “Beyond the Four Walls: The Rising Ministry and Spirituality of Hip-hop,” – which is now a web series entitled 73 to Infinity. He has partnered with us to offer one-on-one coaching dedicated to supporting you through your transition in personal and career growth.

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