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The Proper Love of Self-Love

2018 is upon us and as the month of romance approaches, many of us will evaluate this thing called love. I mean, who doesn’t love it?! It gives you total bliss, butterflies, makes you laugh immensely.

Let’s face it—everyone wants to be loved.

The million-dollar question is how much do you love you? Of course, love of others is always a focus, but how often is the love of self given due consideration? Self-care and love is widely responsible for each and every decision one makes. From the way one dresses, to the friends one associates with, down to the mate one chooses, it’s all a factor. It might as well be the determining factor in our everyday lives. It dictates the amount of money you’ll take for a job, the type of vacation you’ll plan and go on, and what you’ll tolerate day in and day out.

Self-love is likely the most important part of living a life of fulfillment. We live life so fast to the point that self-love is lost. We’re constantly reminded of how love of others is crucial and it is, but how can you love another without properly loving yourself? The love we receive and give is tainted by false impressions of love. Essentially, the journey and necessary questions for self-love need to look something like this. Start asking yourself who you are. What do you like and don’t like? What are your weaknesses and strengths? Ask yourself what you are tolerating and why. We have to be transparent with others and honest in our lives. We as people often define love as the things we have.

In actuality all we’re doing is spending time covering up our insecurities. They’re disguised by work, multiple relationships, material things, and the desire for acceptance. I encourage you as we end this year and start the new that you evaluate your self-love. This will set the tone for all you need and I promise you will see manifestations like never before.


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