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Why I Am in a Long-Term Relationship with My UGGs

I have been in a long-term relationship, for more than a decade now, and I do not see me breaking up anytime soon. Why would I when I am head over heels in love with . . . my UGGs! Yes, I am in love with a shoe but it is not just any shoe; it is a boot sent from heaven. As time has gone on, my collection has evolved from slippers to mini boots to knitted boots to leather boots and beyond. There is one pair I have had for over ten years, with no plans of getting rid of them. I could go on for hours about my UGG obsession but let me get down to the essentials: I work in an office as a writer but living up North, especially in New York City, can be a slippery slope. Yes, you want to be fashionable but there is an element of practicality that must go into footwear; and this is not easily attainable. Yet, with UGGs, it is easy and simple to stay chic while keeping warm and muddling through the latest slush Mother Nature has delivered.

First off, all styles are incredibly comfortable. It is like walking on air or a fluffy cloud so you can walk block after block in New York without the foot fatigue that typically comes with traditional heels. Speaking of tradition, this has flown out of the window because women no longer need to conform to standards to maintain fashion codes. The lack of limitations when it comes to choices will blow your mind if you are unfamiliar with the collection. Many just think of the traditional women’s classic short boot but that boot comes in multiple colors and three heights. And that is just skimming what UGG has to offer.

Worried about damaging them? They have a new waterproof element and there are also amazing sprays (I am a user for all of my UGGs) that protect them from water damage. It is like shoe insurance, which leads to the question of cost. We are willing to spend hundreds on heels but not on a quality boot? This baffles me because the longevity alone of these boots far outweighs the initial cost. Literally ten years with one pair of boots—dependable and reliable.

I am not a huge sock fan despite the freezing-cold temps and fortunately, it is not always necessary to wear them with UGGs. Your feet will still stay extremely warm thanks to the sheepskin lining, keeping the heat in and cold out. Yes, you can wear them year-round. So, yes, I wear my UGGs without socks in the winter and no, my boots do not smell, contrary to popular belief. Finally, they look extremely professional when paired with the right pants. Whether skinny jeans, jeggings, leggings, or boot-cut slacks, UGGs are the perfect addition to any ensemble. Transitioning from business to casual is easy as pie with the same shoes. One pair of shoes, so many looks, endless comfort. This is one shoe brand I will never ever break up with because I truly am in love!

Mandi Nowitz is a passionate writer who is at the end of her master’s journey. She holds a BA in Politics but began writing as a child. She started doing it professionally in 2010 and has never looked back. Her passions include music, coffee, Disney, animals, meeting new people, and the sun.

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