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5 Things a Budding Event Planner Should Know Before Starting an Event Planning & Events Marketing Business

With over 15 years of event planning behind her belt, Judith Jacques knows the ins and outs of planning and marketing a successful event. She shares her knowledge on what budding planners should know and expect before diving head first into the field.

“Events Production & Events Marketing are both exciting but two entirely different arenas. Events Production entails planning and managing the logistics of any given event such as galas, awards shows, conferences, and private events like weddings, birthday celebrations etc. Event Marketing entails placing together an effective campaign in order to bring funds, such as, sponsorships, partnerships and to garner event attention such as attendees. Both require years of experience in order for an individual to effectively execute the services these two roles require. I’d like to share a few tips that has helped me in my 15 years of successfully marketing and producing events.” – Judith Jacques

1. Intern and/or partner with larger firms

Find a firm whose clientele represent your intended clientele or market. Learn their tricks of the trade, build relationships with key individuals and be a part of every project so you can learn new skills. Should you part ways, part ways on a positive note and launch your firm applying everything you’ve learned.

2. Build a team

Your business cannot succeed nor grow without a successful team. Hire initiators, dependable, hardworking individuals and allocate tasks to them. Teach them everything you know and provide clear and concise instructions to follow. Outsource your workload.

3. Find an issue and provide the solution

Make your business stand out. Provide a unique approach to common issues that individuals and businesses face. You’ll grow your clientele by showing clients that your company puts their needs first.

4. Network and maintain relationships

Build lasting and rewarding relationships with other professionals, entrepreneurs, and clients. These three types of individuals will become partners, vendors, and even help in the growth of your business through referrals.

5. Stay up to date

Be aware of changes in your industry and field. Invest in learning new skills for yourself and your team!

BONUS: Create a digital presence, especially on social media

Social Media has become the new face of businesses. In the age of technology and information, businesses are at an advantage to directly market to consumers. Once your pages are up and running, create consistent content and engage with your audience.

Judith Jacques holds 15 years of Event Production and Management experience and 10 years in Communications with a focus in Business Development. She has planned and produced over 100+ high end events nationally and internationally. Jacques is known to make the impossible happen. She has honored and recognized hundreds of phenomenal and elite individuals such as:(but not limited): Isaiah Washington- Actor, Sheryl Lee Ralph- Actress & Singer, Beverly Bond- Founder of Black Girls Rock, Mikki Taylor- Author & Editor At Large of ESSENCE Magazine, Lauren Lake- Lawyer & TV Personality, Cheryl Wills- News Anchor & Talk Show Host, Michaela Angela Davis- Image Activist & Cultural Commentator, Demetria Lucas- Author & Journalist, Bevy Smith- TV & Radio Personality, Valeisha Butterfield-Jones- Head of Black Community Engagement at GOOGLE, Miko Branch- Co-Founder of Miss Jessie’s, Nicole Johnson- Emmy Winning Journalist.

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