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Ask the Virgo Girl: Am I Selling my Soul for Social Media Likes

We are so excited to partner with Dr. Walter Hidalgo with a goal of being more socially aware. Here, he answers your questions and shares advice on life and wellness while living in a social media driven world.


I’ve been a blogger for over three years and I always find myself at a crossroad with my blogger personality and my–me personality. My blogger personality is sexy, social and uplifting but my me personality is very religious and sheltered. I try to stay within that thin line but lately as I become more popular online, its becoming very hard to keep my religious side happy. I’ve found myself becoming more and more raunchy with clothes and verbalizing than I would like – but my followers love it and that is building my bank account. At this point, I can’t change my brand to being a simple religious chick, but how do I stay true to myself and not fall for the glitter in gold in front of me?

Advice from Dr. Walter Hidalgo: A wise person once said that “the root of evil is not money, but the love of money.”  So I ask you, how much is your soul worth?  Who you really are is just as important as who other people want you to be so I would hope that no matter what it is you decide to do you will always be you (because there is no one in this world like you and we don’t need people acting like other people, that’s fake).  Now, I believe you can still be both because what is more important than your growing bank account is how you sleep at night based on the decisions you make during the day.  Can you still draw a large audience by being both religious and raunchy?  I think so.  I think you can still be funny, sexy and real but with some class and a good moral compass on your shoulder.  You have to remember, the brand is you! People will always love and respect you for who you are and not what they want you to be.  That’s one major challenge that a lot of celebrities deal with – the general public creating a caricature of them.  And what happens? They get out of touch and in some cases out of sight.  The most important thing here is having a healthy balance between your personal/religious life and your public/raunchy life.  Don’t underestimate the power of both, especially the religious side because if you truly are a believer then you are confident that God will provide you with what you desire.  

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Dr. Walter Hidalgo is an educator and spiritual life coach. He has a masters of arts in Church History and Sociology from Union Theological Seminary at Columbia University and a doctorate of ministry from New York Theological Seminary where his focus was on the intersectionality between Hip-hop culture and socio-spiritual movements. He has taught in universities, high schools, prisons, not-for-profit organizations and faith-based institutions from all over the world. He is also the author of the critically acclaimed book, “Beyond the Four Walls: The Rising Ministry and Spirituality of Hip-hop,” – which is now a web series entitled 73 to Infinity. He has partnered with us to offer one-on-one coaching dedicated to supporting you through your transition in personal and career growth.

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