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Everyone at The Virgo Girl is passionate about helping businesses grow.

The Virgo Girl Media team provides tips and tools for anyone who is looking to expand their brand. In addition, we are proud to Spotlight bloggers, authors and business owners through articles on our blog.


MissyBSalick (1)Missy B. Salick is The Virgo Girl Editor-in-Chief and Content Writer. She has written for the likes of The Village Voice, Violator Management, Deloitte, KPMG, We Work, The Guidance Center of Westchester and other major companies. Missy is passionate about helping creative’s and small businesses turn their passion into profit and build a community through social media.

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Rachel Salvato is The Virgo Girl Content Manager. She has written on topics ranging from digital marketing tips, inbound marketing, shopping and wellness. Rachel is passionate about helping business improve their SEO and overall marketing strategies.

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GeralisaGeralisa “Gigi” Eades is The Virgo Girl Public Relations and Events Manager. She has secured relationships with bloggers and entrepreneurs through partnerships like WeWork, Strebor Books and currently is coordinating the #Meet50Bloggers tour. Gigi is passionate about working with creativities and increasing their visibility in unique ways.



NicoleNicole D’settēmi is Virgo Girl’s Research Coordinator, Digi Hub Artistic Instructor, & Graphic/Content Artist. She has extensive experience in providing research and journalism digitally, and is a professional graphic designer, content writer, fine artist, and author. Nicole is a creativepreneur at heart, and loves the world of art in all it’s facets! She recently published her debut novel; Addictarium and also runs a artistic advisory & direction firm LCDS Creative Services. In addition, she will be providing instruction at The Digi Hub; The Virgo Girl’s “creative courses for kids” program, set to teach classes revolving around digital art, launching in 2017!