Work with TVG

We, at the Virgo Girl have a mission to empower creative entrepreneurs to turn their passion into profit. the Virgo Girl promotes healthy balance and mental wellness for all creativepreneurs. We offer affordable workshops and coaching sessions to dedicated to your entrepreneurial journey, whether personal or business.

Workshops & Speaking 

The Virgo Girl is proud  to offer social media wellness workshops that help promote healthy online activity for teens, young adults and creative entrepreneurs. Social media has become the new “it thing” that is not going away. It’s here to stay! We share ways in workshops to embrace social media in a healthy and purposeful way. How to deal w/ the negative effects it could have on your mental health and more.

Lifestyle & Wellness Coaching

The Virgo Girl has partnered with Dr. Walter Hidalgo offering one-on-one coaching dedicated to supporting you through your transition in personal and career growth.

Business Coaching 

Our coaching sessions are also designed for artists in the development phase, inventors who are unsure of what the next steps are or the everyday entrepreneur who needs a brain to pick. Our coaching sessions are tailored to your needs.