Business Coaching

You’re a start-up entrepreneur. You’re a creative who needs to become business savvy. You’re an author who needs to learn the art of self-publishing. You’re a writer, photographer, small business owner or freelancer. You have a dream for your business and not sure how to get there. You need help redefining your goals and moving to the next step.

Whether you are in the idea phase, a new business owner, or been doing it for some time, we can help get you to where you strive to be.

Our coaching sessions are also designed for artists in the development phase, inventors who are unsure of what the next steps are or the everyday entrepreneur who needs a brain to pick. Our coaching sessions are tailored to your needs.


We offer a free thirty-minute consultation for all new clients!  Contact us to get started.

Business 101$95.00, 60 minutes 

  • Overview of business idea
  • Discuss stage of business
  • Review the business current state
  • Gain an understanding about being a business owner
  • Assessment of business and the next steps

Social Media 101 – $95.00, 60 minutes 

  • Learn the power of social media
  • Discuss the different social media platforms and how they apply to your business
  • Learn which page(s) are beneficial to your company
  • Steps to using social media as a marketing tool

Funding – $95-125.00, 60-75 minutes

  • Review funding needs and goals
  • Assess amount needed
  • Discuss ways to obtain funding needs

Building a Presence – $95.00, 60 minutes 

  • Examine and review of your business presence
  • Discuss and outline assessment
  • Identify ways to build and grow within your market industry

Marketing a Start-Up: $95-125.00, 60-75 minutes 

Innovate and unique ways to introduce and market your company to the world

My First Day as an Entrepreneur – $75.00, 50 minutes 

A play-by-play of what you should be doing as a new entrepreneur.

Brain-Pick: $55.00, 30 minutes 

Pick our brain for answers to your questions; a quick opinion on an idea or vision. Email us.